Aleksandra Teresińska

Born in Szczecin, Poland. Now resident of Germany, but works everywhere.

I’m totaly individual. I have my own world with specific look. 

I am dreamer, artist, creator, person who likes beauty and want to keep it on photographs.


  • Cover of Volume I and II book „Śledztwo i płeć” Bernadette Darska
  • solo exhibition of photographs in the Liceum Plastyczne in Szczecin , Poland
  • solo exibition in House of Culture in Szczecin „Słowianin” ,Poland
  • exhibition in Culture Palace in Świdwin , Poland
  • Presentation 03/2011 in www.szafa.prezentacje.pl
  • Coco Web Magazine Cover March 2013
  • exibition of artists from Szczecin in Gasthus Ramin , Germany


  • owner Sighthounds.eu / Charty.eu , dog/animal photography
  • cooperation with agencies
  • assistant at look book Yulia Babich Spring Summer 2012 and Autumn Winter 2012-13
  • organize a fashion show (Senior Day, Turzyn 29/10/2012) for nursing home st. Romer in Szczecin , Poland
  • photographer in kennels : Hiddekel FCI, Z Koloseum FCI, Anarchia Box FCI , Badenova FCI, Eidi n’Amanar FCI, Ehen-n-ma FCI, Daba Safi FCI, Neshama Tova FCI
  • photographer on Club Show of Polish Sighthounds 2016